Program Management

CNG Avionics Ltd Program Management services ensures that your maintenance, modifications, and engineering projects are completed on time and budget.

Whether managing a small project or a large team of vendors, we can;

  •     Reduce aircraft downtime
  •     Reduce overhead
  •     Ensure that programs are executed on schedule and within the budget

We have a successful history of managing a wide range of programs, large and small. Regardless of size and complexity of your needs, we can assemble a team to ensure that your program is completed on time and within budget.
Some of our recent projects;

  • Advanced Avionics suit integrating EFI-890R screens along with TAWS, Vision 1 and dual UNS-1F FMS on B737-400
  • FDR upgrade to 18 parameters on B737-200, B727-200
  • MFD, TAWS, RVSM on B737-200
  • WAAS FMS on CASA 212
  • SATCOM on B737, B757 and B767
  • Advanced Entertainment systems on B757 VIP configuration
  • and many more…

Marrying Engineering, Installation Services and Program Management into a cohesive solution is art. Lack of foresight in any of these areas leads to a significant problem in the process. Many managers fall into the trap of focusing on one area of expertise and when a problem arises, they take cover behind a process fault beyond their control.

At CNG Avionics, we have a different approach. With our expertise in Avionics and knowledge of various MRO operations,  we represent our customers with a single point of contact and take the ownership of the project from start to finish.